Hot off the press, it has arrived.  My new Liquor cabinet.  I came up with a bright idea to purchase a new cabinet to house our liquor in.  We already have a wine cooler, lots of stem ware and glasses.

We have seen many different sizes and shapes, and I liked something about each one and disliked somethings also.We checked out the vintage shops and they were either pricy or too short.  I needed to fill a space with height, but not over-power an open book-case in the room.  Balance is what I needed.

I found new pieces to be similar.  I did find one that we sort of liked, but  it was pricy and still didn’t meet all my requirements. But this piece to the right, was close to the outside look I wanted except $600. Ouch!  I didn’t like it that much.

I started making a list of those attributes that I liked in each cabinet I found.  The writing, tall, off the ground and roomy inside.  But I wanted mirrors and neon lights!    Next, we visited the re-sale shops looking for the main items on my list which answered the size and shape I wanted.  Then with total excitement I found the perfect fit at a cost of $99.

I lightly sanded the piece to remove the gloss finish.  Next I purchased General Finishes Milk Paint,  color Lamp Black and added a primer. The Finnish was nice and I could have left the wood just as I found it, however I needed black.  Black furniture pieces bind a room together. I used the existing shelves and measured the height from the shelf to the top.  This was to determine how tall my shelves needed to be. Then I took a measurement side to side and marked the half-way point. Taking that figure gave me the width of my shelves.  I wanted 4 boxes, each with a shelf 5 inches wide except the first shelf would be 4.5  inches (this was due to my space as yours may be different.)  I also wanted the shelves to be 5 inches shorter than the next shelf.  I constructed these as boxes, but you could make 2 sides and a front and back brace.

My boxes stacked one in front of the other and would total 19 1/2 inches and the height was 16 inches.  We had all cuts figured out, and Lowe’s did all the cuts for us, including the Plexiglass for the shelves and mirrors,  that we had to measure and cut twice.  Make sure you measure correctly!  I painted everything inside, including the boxes inside and out. My husband also drilled a hole in the back of each box to run the wire for the lights.  The lights, also purchased at Lowe’s, were Cyron  programmable color changing lights.  Final finish  inside was to install the mirror to the back inside the cabinet. I had a stencil that fit inside the molding on the outside.  I mixed my wall color with a tiny amount of black and used this to stencil.  Just take your time, which you probably will forget to do.  We’ve all been there done that!  On the inside of the doors between the molding inserts, I painted it black with chalkboard paint.  We will list our drink specials here.  To complete, I used Briwax  and rubbed it on then buffed.  You could also use a poly finnish if you like.  Milk paint is an old painting method. It will last longer as it is natural and made from the protein in Milk.  Fancy that.  I just wanted to finish it off like they would have a long time ago.

From Old Furniture...


Creating Shelving


Adding Black Milk Paint


Stenciling Words


Adding Wax As A Finish


Ready To Install Lights And Mirrors


...To A Fantastic Bar


And Party Time...


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