love to write stories, especially when they are about remembering my grandmothers, both who were very special women in their own ways.  My grandmothers are no longer with us, they reside in heaven with our Lord and Savior.  The impact they had on my life and the lives of others will remain at least for another generation and possibly longer through my stories.  Please enjoy this special article about my grandmother.

How Dough Makes Me Feel

Prior to going to bed last night, I happen to pick up and read the newest catalog from Williams-Sonoma.  I needed to slow down my brain thoughts after stimulation from writing and watching yet another Dallas Mavericks overtime loss.  But that is a story in itself.  Forgetting the fact that ,when we get stressed or excited we want to shop. While looking through through the catalog, thinking about shopping, and then it happens.  The bread pages.  Pictures of beautiful bread being cooked.  Visions of the Mall and shopping.  Wait, get a hold of yourself and go to bed.  Now tossing and turning, all I can think about is the Mall and the smell of Pretzels filling every nook and cranny.  Can’t get away from that buttery smell, the fragrance of yeast and my Grandmother.  My grandmother made the best homemade bread every day. She would make it into rolls that seem to rise so far out of the pan it might touch the sky.  My dad said she would put the bowl of dough into the refrigerator and later when they went back to check on, it would have expanded well beyond the boundaries of the bowl, looking for any space to occupy.  Smell, oh my goodness, the smell would fill the house with a wonderful scent of yeast.  My mother made rolls also.  A different texture than my Grandmothers, but equally as fragrant and tasty.

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