About me

How Did I Get Here?

My Story?

I love to decorate on a budget.  Not that I have to penny pinch… but it is in my nature to Re-purpose…

Re-do… and to Re-create.

My creative process began in the 60’s.  My Mom made most of my clothes, and some of my toys.  She would make my Barbie clothes and make chairs out of oatmeal containers.  I thought that was great.  During this time as a young girl, Barbie’s Dream House was all the rage.  My friends had one, but my parents didn’t buy toys like that.  So I had to be creative, and used boxes for my Dream House.

I would also make furniture, curtains, and accessories for my Dream House.  My boy friends would bring over their Ken dolls, along with their matchbook cars, and we would play together with our make-believe houses and furniture.  I think that is when, I learned how to create things out of items, not designed for what they were intended for.

When I was in High School I took Homemaking.  I’m not sure kids even know what that is any more.  I was lucky and had a really good teacher.  I learned to sew, cook, clean, and learned about the different types of furniture periods.  Our teacher had us do a project at home, where we redecorated a room.  I had a great time, and my Mother also enjoyed my decorating for her. We are missing out by this not being an important class in our schools any more.  Not every one is destined for college, but everyone can cook, clean, and decorate.

So here we are…many years later…and I refuse to say how many years…

But I still enjoy sewing…cooking… cleaning… decorating… and now crafting.

I also love to write, always have since the 5th grade.  There I go, using my schooling as my starting point again.

I had a teacher … You know that one special one that stands out in your mind forever….She gave me a very good compliment on a paper I wrote about President Eisenhower. Good Teachers are very important.  They can mold our lives in ways we can never understand as a child.

I’ve raised my two daughters, and enjoyed a wonderful career..

Now it is my time….to reflect…to meditate….to ponder….

And to write my thoughts……and use my hands….to enjoy life…..

But most important…to share with others…

And I hope you will find it inspirational….and up-lifting…

I hope you will start your own projects….

And then share with others….

That is what life is all about….


My life here on Earth, is but a short time, however, my life with Christ in heaven, will be eternity.   May God Bless You!

I will leave you with my favorite Bible verse, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Phillippians 4:13


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